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The Feedback – Why the RecoveryBar works!

Check this short video from the 2015 Australian National OzTag Championships and see WHY so many OzTaggers choose The RecoveryBar during competition!

Why use the RecoveryBar?

IMG_1657The RecoveryBar is designed to make recovery “FUN, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and ACCESSIBLE” with UNLIMITED ACCESS for participants during a sporting event.

Athletes, team managers and coaches don’t need to worry about ice baths, packing healthy snack food, carrying mobility equipment around, or waiting to get a massage after the event, this is all included in your pass to the RecoveryBar!

The Benefits


Reduced fatigue & muscle soreness

Assists sporting performance

Improves Recovery Time

State of the art sports recovery equipment

Physio’s, Chiros, Massage Therapists, Ex Phys

Suitable for ALL sporting events

We travel Australia wide !!

 The Inspiration – why we created it

The “Light Bulb Moment” for the LouFerguson RecoveryBar occurred after Lou returned from the 2013 Regional Crossfit® Games where she had been assisting an athlete with their High Performance sport recovery training and competition program. Into day two of the three days of competition, the number of broken bodies in the athlete room had increased and Lou noticed a deterioration in some of the athletes physical , mental and emotional wellbeing. By day three of the competition, many of the athletes were unable to move, with some having to withdraw.


A memory that really struck a chord with Lou after the event was the memory of one athlete sprawled face down on the floor, covered head to toe in bags of ice, willing his body to recover so he could get back out onto the competition floor. With limited professional services available at the event and only a couple plastic containers for ice and water, Lou asked herself the question; “how could I help these athletes during their event?” and just like the flick of a switch, Lou had herself a Light Bulb moment and The LouFerguson RecoveryBar was born.

Want the LouFerguson RecoveryBar at your next event?