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When could you have the RecoveryBar?

Corporate Events

The RecoveryBar can work closely with your Business, Sporting or Charity Event such as promotional sporting events, fun runs, bike rides, providing all participants with the opportunity to recharge, refuel and recover and the expert care of our friendly staff!

Sporting Organisations

State and National sporting organisations can “ADD VALUE” to their events with the inclusion of the RecoveryBar.

Having the RecoveryBar accessible to all competitors during an event, not only minimises fatigue and injury, it also increases the level of competition, making for exciting finals!

High Performance Teams & Individuals

Elite Sporting teams and Individuals such as the Newport SLSC and Andrea Miller understand the importance of the “1 percenters” in training and competition. Incorporating a structured, sports recovery program into their training and competition plan provides athletes with “The Edge” over their competitors.

Local Sporting Clubs

Education and practical application at the local level (sporting clubs, crossfit boxes, gyms or any other type of health and fitness club) about the benefits of sports recovery and preventing injures is just as important as the activity itself. We can arrange a RecoveryBar to visit your club to teach and allow participants to experience and learn about the benefits of recovery!

Booking an Event, Pre – purchasing Event Passes and Private bookings

To avoid missing out on the RecoveryBar, head to our Event Page and click on your event. All details about the RecoveryBar at your sporting event will be there, along with how to Pre – purchase your RecoveryBar Pass!

If you would like to make a private booking for you, your team, club or business, just head to our enquiry page and let us know how we can best help you!

Want the LouFerguson RecoveryBar at your next event?