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What is the LouFerguson RecoveryBar?

The LouFerguson RecoveryBar is the original,  “State of the Art” mobile event sports recovery service and the ultimate in “athlete services” for any sporting event. The RecoveryBar is an Australian invention, using the latest equipment and expertise in sport recovery that was once only made available to the elite. We travel to sporting events and create a one stop sport recovery shop, all under one big marquee conveniently located at your sporting event.

How do I use it at an event?

The RecoveryBar opens one hour before the start of play / competition each day of an event, allowing participants who have a RecoveryBar pass, access to stretch and roll out and see one of our treaters before the day gets underway.

After each event or game, RecoveryBar pass holders are encouraged to follow the RecoveryBar’s trademark “4 step’s to sports recovery”. The RecoveryBar pass gives the athlete freedom  to come and go as often as they feel they need to recover properly and prepare for their next event or game.

A RecoveryBar pass gives participants access to Ice Baths, the NutritionBar, the Chill Out Zone which has a range of stretching and mobility equipment and the Treatment zone which includes Rocktaping and soft tissue treatments.

The RecoveryBar trademark  “4 steps to sports recovery” are:

Step 1 – Ice Bath Zone

Using Ice Baths after a workout, game, or event allows athletes to maintain optimal core body temperature, remove lactic acid at a faster rate, and reduce swelling and inflammation. The RecoveryBar can cater up to 30 athletes at one time in the state of the art iCoolSport ice baths, which are temperature controlled between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Step 2 – NutritionBar

BodyScience supplements, Paleo Bars, Fruit, Nuts, Water

Having foods already prepared with optimal recovery in mind will allow athletes to replace their glycogen stores immediately and be appropriately refueled and rehydrated. As part of the RecoveryBar service, we provide BodyScience Informed Sport supplements and bars, fruits, raw nuts, paleo bars and water.

Step 3 – Chill Out Zone

Roll out, Trigger Point, Stretch OR take a nap in one of our bean bags!

The mobility and streching equipment provided in the Chill Out Zone helps to improve blood flow before and after exercise, reduce muscle adhesions, and allows for the athlete to relax their body and mind. The chill out zone is also a great place for teams to debrief after a game.

Step 4 – Treatment Zone

Soft tissue treatments before and after exercise allows athletes to maintain normal joint and muscle range of motion, improve circulation, and remove waste products at a faster rate. The RecoveryBar treatment team consists of a multi disciplinary health crew of  Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Chiropractors, and RockDocs. A RecoveryBar pass also gives athlete access to Rocktaping in this zone.

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