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Sport Massage

Sports massage therapy is traditionally used before, during, and after athletic events, competitions and or sporting events. Sport massage is an excellent treatment modality for off-season, pre-season and post-season training. The GOAL of sports massage is to prepare an athlete for athletic performance, reduce fatigue and muscle tension, improve flexibility and prevent and manage injuries.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Therapy is used for treating soft tissue injuries that may be a result from a work place incident, sporting injury, and  or overuse / repetitive strain injury. Remedial Massage involves a formal Functional Assessment which is used to formulate a tailored treatment plan, to meet the individual goals and needs.

Treatments are focused on the injury presented and potential environmental factors that could be contributing to the injury.

Corporate / Event / Mobile

We bring our services to you! If you are a part of a local sporting team / association, Corporate Event or a visiting athlete / team to the Gold Coast and require pre and post massage services for your event, OR, if you require a Massage Therapist to travel with your team, please head to our contact page and drop us a line or alternatively, call us on 0402 731 834 

Clinic Massage Therapy Rates

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


5 pack/30 mins


10 pack/30mins


5 pack/60mins


10 pack/60mins



$15.00 per body part. Appointments are for 10 minutes (includes tape)

Gold Coast Massage Clinic Days and Times

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